For REInvestors

Are you interested in or actively involved in real estate investing?

You will likely need access to hard money/private money lending for your real estate transactions. Have you wanted more information or disclosure on your deals in the past? Many hard-money lenders struggle with disclosing terms because investor products vary so greatly.

Total Lending has seen this struggle first-hand and offers lending products and services customized to fit your needs with the approach of thorough processes, disclosures and timing. We know your deals are important to your business and we want to partner with you to do more business with better service!

Our REInvestor products are thorough and competitively priced. See some examples below.

  • Fix & Hold – Houston TX, NOO SFR needing rehab to be ready for tenants. Investor-Owner planned to fix and hold for his rental portfolio.
  • 30Yr Refi – Investor needed to pay off his current lender but wanted a decent rate for a long-term property holding.
  • ”To the Studs” Reno – Houston TX, Investor purchased a major fixer upper and needed to finance the purchase and renovation. Investor client was able to utilize 100% LTC for this project and we were there ready to move the property towards long-term financing after reno.