Total Lending offers credit repair for clients looking to make a large purchase in the future, whether that be a car, a home, or a business-related acquisition! 

Total Lending offers credit repair and positive-credit guidance from start to finish. As lenders, we seek to provide impeccable service that is goal-oriented–and an improved score is the objective!
Have you read an ad from a credit repair company and it just sounded too good to be true? Or maybe you’ve heard some horror stories from friends or family that have spent thousands trying to go through the process.

It’s terrible–sometimes it is just too good to be true and sometimes bad companies take advantage of good people.

Utilizing our services, those worries are a thing of the past! We offer:

  1. Full portal access.
  2. All Agreements are in writing.
  3. You receive a results guarantee. In writing.
  4. You have a representative available to you throughout the process.