Credit Repair

Credit Repair for the Real World!

We believe that credit repair is just the start to a brighter financial future. Our membership does more than just repair your credit–it is a financial services membership!

The membership includes TOP KNOTCH credit repair services, but also assists with budgeting, debt payoff, credit monitoring, drafting a Will & Living Trust, and many more features!

This is the service for those looking to get ahead and meet their goals this year! Sign up today and start building a bright financial future.


Welcome to Credit Repair by Total Lending 

Total Lending is partnered with an extremely reputable, forward-thinking consumer services company that aims to educate consumers on their rights in regards to their Credit, and Financial Future. 

We offer so much more than credit repair…this plan helps consumers build and manage their financial futures!

Below are the amenities of the membership. You receive all amenities, and there is a “tool” in this large toolbox with every goal in mind; from credit repair to budgeting to identity protection.